Win Loss Analysis: Strategize Your Results

Companies who study their past deals in an effective, strategic way find that their win rates are three to seven times higher than before.

Customer Experience Analysis: Retain Revenue

52 percent of organizations with Customer Experience programs in place have customer retention rates higher than 75 percent. So just what is Customer Experience Analysis?

5 Habits For Being a Better Sales Professional

The key to winning more deals always comes down to understanding your prospects’ business needs. Putting these five habits into play in your daily work as a sales professional will not only help you align with your prospects’ needs, but be in position to solve those needs.

Customer Phone Interviews

There is a gamut of methods to gather customer feedback: from NPS surveys to on-site, one-on-one interviews. While all have their benefits. Nothing is as cost-effective…and beneficial…as the customer phone interview.

6 Strategies for Getting Buyers to Talk to You

After completing well over 20,000 interviews with busy buyers, we’ve learned a thing or two on how to get them to talk to us.

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