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Why Win Loss Analysis?


Why Win Loss Analysis?

When you know more, you win more.

Did you know companies who study past deals have a 3-7x higher win rate?  Win Loss Analysis may seem tactical. In reality the process delivers strategic insights which help you dramatically increase your win rate, gain competitive intel, understand how buyers see your products and be more precise in your marketing.

Download the eBook to learn more about how Win Loss works, its methodologies and why you should consider implementing a program in your organization. You will uncover:

  • What Win Loss Analysis is and how it produces increased win rates
  • What types of insights you receive from a win loss program (sales, product and marketing)
  • Proven research methods to understand why you really won or lost a deal
  • Who should “own” Win Loss Analysis in an organization
  • Advice on interview questions to understand what your prospects really think of your products and company… and more
eBook: Why Win Loss Analysis