Getting to the Root Cause eBook

About Thomas Watkins

thomas.watkinsThomas is a Program Analyst with Primary Intelligence and is responsible for identifying what drives buyer decisions and ultimately for delivering business outcomes for his clients. Thomas has a Master of Public Administration, with a focus on analysis.

About Mark Larson

Mark LarsonMark is the Art Director for Primary Intelligence. He has over 20 years of experience in the design world including graphic design, web development, and illustration.


Getting to the Root Cause

How recent discoveries regarding the sinking of the Titanic relate to the real reasons companies win and lose sales opportunities

By Thomas Watkins, Program Analyst, Primary Intelligence
Illustrations by Mark Larson

Eloquently and painstakingly detailed by our program analyst Thomas Watkins, this is an e-book on how to identify, evaluate, and solve the root cause blocking your sales effectiveness. You will take a methodical journey on how one researcher discovered the root cause to a historical tragedy and how you can apply this method in your own journey to understand your sales wins and losses.

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