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eBook: Using Buyer Feedback for Sales Coaching


Using Buyer Feedback for Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching: As a coach, you want to make sure your time and energy is spent in the best way. It is crucial to the success of your team and business to know where to focus your efforts to create the most impact.

When you use buyer feedback as part of your coaching playbook, you are able to get an unbiased, first-hand look into why your reps win and lose, as well as uncover each rep’s unique path to winning more deals.

In this eBook, we’ll cover best practices for using buyer feedback to personalize coaching, learning applicable insights from your buyers to use in sales training, and helping each sales rep succeed through better sales enablement.

Through the use of sales intelligence powered by your buyer feedback, you’ll be able to help build sales rep confidence so that they can increase win rates and revenue this quarter.

Using Buyer Feedback for Sales Coaching