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Dive a little deeper into the latest ideas on how sales, marketing, and product leaders can win more new and renewal revenue.

7 Competitive Intelligence Strategies Used by Successful B2B Companies

Planning strong competitive intelligence strategies is what closes deals and increases revenue. The effective proven strategies will make your company more competitive. Applying the right type of competitive assessment is what you need for proactive, strategic planning – the most sustainable way for surefire business growth.

eBook: 5 Steps to Understanding B2B Buyers

5 Steps to Understanding B2B Buyers

Many underperforming B2B sales teams have something in common: They focus on selling the solution but fail to solve the business problem. Primary Intelligence research found that less than 50 percent of sales teams are effective in understanding their prospects’ needs. The ability to understand buyer needs is vital to any company’s success. These steps are critical to meeting customer expectations and closing deals.

eBook Why Good Sales Teams Lose

This eBook will help you understand the strategic questions you need to answer to uncover the reasons for lost deals. It explores the need to understand the loss drivers that keep you from winning in complex sales. You’ll learn the critical steps needed to help your sales team take the right approach to convert buyers to customers.

eBook: Qualitative vs Quantitative Data

eBookB2B Quantitative vs. Qualitative Data

If you’re not using qualitative AND quantitative data to improve your sales opportunities, you’re flying blind. You wouldn’t make a high-dollar business purchase without reviewing the data, right? Without research, rating assessments, and an evaluation, you know it could be a costly mistake.

eBook: Comptetive Intelligence in Dynamic Markets

eBook Nine Best Practices for Nailing Competitive Intelligence in Dynamic Markets

Understanding competitors is challenging, even in the most stable of industries. When trying to nail down competitive dynamics in fluid markets, the task becomes even more difficult. This is especially true if your firm has limited resources for competitive intelligence capture, analysis, reporting, and dissemination… leaving it to sales and marketing to “figure it out.”

eBook Why Win Loss Analysis? When You Know More, You Win More

Did you know companies who study past deals have a 3-7x higher win rate? Win Loss Analysis may seem tactical. In reality the process delivers strategic insights which help you dramatically increase your win rate, gain competitive intel, understand how buyers see your products and be more precise in your marketing.

eBook B2B Your Complete Guide to Winning Requests for Proposal

Writing effective responses to RFPs is always a challenge.  In order to win over the key decision makers, you need to know what makes the winning Requests for Proposal successful. Our experts have invaluable insights on what buyers are looking for due to their closed-door discussions with them. Now we’re sharing those tips with you!

B2B Customer Experience Tools and Methodologies

eBook B2B Customer Experience Tools and Methodologies

Customer Experience tools are abundant, and organizations wishing to use these tools to better understand customer perceptions will find a wide array of choices at their disposal. Download this eBook to find out the most successful CX tools and collection methodologies used today.

State of Customer Experience: Beliefs and Attitudes

eBook B2B Customer Experience Beliefs & Attitudes

Today, the slightest nuance can result in customer dissatisfaction. Gone are the days when companies controlled their customers’ experiences with them. Now customers will change products on a whim even in the B2B industry. Find out the top beliefs and attitudes B2B marketing, sales and VOC professionals share and recommendations on how to have a positive impact with your customers.

State of Customer Experience 2016

eBookState of Customer Experience 2016

More and more, companies are understanding the importance of understanding customer experience throughout their buyer’s journey. By better understanding the issues customer face while working with them, there is a greater chance at solidifying the relationship for the long term.

State of Customer Experience 2016 Infographic

Infographic State of Customer Experience 2016

Customer Experience (CX) clarifies what customers run into during all phases of working with a vendor. Using this solution, vendors discover areas of pain and excellence that customers encounter with them.

5 Steps For Being a Better Sales Professional

Infographic 5 Habits For Being a Better Sales Professional

The key to winning more deals always comes down to understanding your prospects’ business needs. Putting these five habits into play in your daily work as a sales professional will not only help you align with your prospects’ needs, but be in position to solve those needs.

B2B Playbook for Revenue Growth eBook

eBook B2B Playbook for Revenue Growth

Successful companies have realized that attaining sustainable revenue growth mean more than getting new clients under their belt. It’s a two-pronged effort in gaining new logos while retaining existing clients that make a company’s revenue grow for the long term.

B2B Customer Experience 1
B2B Customer Experience 2
B2B Customer Experience 3

eBook Series Your Guide to B2B Customer Experience

While most corporate executives support programs that provide feedback about their customers’ experiences, few managers have implemented Customer Experience (CX) programs in a way that drives significant impact on future revenue growth.

Primary Intelligence’s 3-part eBook series covers the basics of Customer Experience, includes strategies for turning CX data into revenue, and provides recommendations for getting your CX program off to a strong start.

With the information in these eBooks, you’ll better understand key terms and concepts related to Customer Experience, as well as concrete steps you can take to make a real impact on your organization.

Customer Phone Interviews

Infographic Customer Phone Interviews

There is a gamut of methods to gather customer feedback: from NPS surveys to on-site, one-on-one interviews. While all have their benefits. Nothing is as cost-effective…and beneficial…as the customer phone interview.

B2B Vendor Success Ebook

Industry Insights Ebook B2B Vendor Success eBook

Since company perception does affect a buyer’s purchase decision, the B2B Vendor Success industry report details the key factors buyers consider when evaluating vendors. This Industry Insights eBook highlights three key findings in how winning and losing vendors are perceived by their buyers as well as important recommendations for leveraging this buying criteria.

B2B Vendor Success trophy

Infographic B2B Vendor Success

Companies may focus on the features and functionality of the products they evaluate, but their perceptions of the vendor also matter. Check out some takeaways from the new B2B Vendor Success report regarding the eight company-related factors buyers review when evaluating vendors in B2B sales situations.

Customer Experience Analysis: Retain Revenue

InfographicCustomer Experience Analysis: Retain Revenue

52 percent of organizations with Customer Experience programs in place have customer retention rates higher than 75 percent. So just what is Customer Experience Analysis?

B2B Buyer Loyalty Infographic

InfographicB2B Buyer Loyalty

Discover how sales engagements can influence product perceptions, referrals, and future business in this infographic based on our B2B Buyer Loyalty report.

ebookB2B Buyer Loyalty

Find out the three strategies you can adopt now to ensure you have a second chance with buyers, get that coveted recommendation from high-level decision makers, and use your brand name to influence buyers in their purchases.

ebook Win Loss Analysis: It’s Not Just For Sales Anymore

Win loss analysis may be one of the most important success measurement activities—not just for sales, but for marketing and product leaders. Win analysis will explain clearly how buyers buy; loss analysis will tell you why they don’t buy from you. You’ll learn how to improve your product and your promotion, and where marketing can support the sales team with better sales tools.

Titanic tile small

EbookGetting to the Root Cause

How recent discoveries regarding the sinking of the Titanic relate to the real reasons companies win and lose sales opportunities

State of Win Loss eBook

eBookState of Win Loss 2015 eBook

Increasing revenue by winning more sales opportunities. It’s the goal of nearly all organizations—in every sector, in every industry, in every part of the world. Primary Intelligence’s recent research on the State of Win Loss uncovered three key findings on what leading B2B organizations are doing to diagnose why they’re winning and losing.

State of Win Loss 2015

infographicState of Win Loss 2015

Primary Intelligence published key findings from our annual State of Win Loss report, including Win Loss program benefits, Win Loss data collection tools, annual spending on Win Loss initiatives, and comparisons with 2014 Win Loss findings.

5 Steps to Solving Market Problems

ebook5 Steps to Identify and Validate Market Problems

With new product failure rates hovering at 90 percent, try these 5 steps to keep your product alive and your company on top.

State of Customer Experience

Infographic State of Customer Experience 2015

Primary Intelligence reached out to Customer Experience (CX) leaders from around the world to understand how they’re implementing and leveraging CX programs. Customer Experience feedback is increasingly critical to B2B firms as they seek to build brand loyalty, increase customer referrals, and drive increased revenue and profitability.

Understanding Buyer Needs

Infographic Understanding Buyer Needs

Do you want to know the most important factor that influences a buyer’s purchase decision? Look no further than understanding their needs. Time and again, this is proven to be the key component to winning more deals.

Win Loss goal line

InfographicWin Loss Analysis: Strategize Your Results

Even though we’ve been doing it for more than 15 years, Win Loss Analysis is still being discovered as a solution for sales, marketing, and product leaders to improve their win rate and stay close to their buyers. So, what’s Win Loss Analysis all about anyway?

Six Strategies

Infographic 6 Strategies for Getting Buyers to Talk to You

After completing well over 20,000 interviews with busy buyers, we’ve learned a thing or two on how to get them to talk to us.