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Requesting Customer Feedback

Requesting Feedback in TruSales


When you log into TruSales you will be taken to your “Feedback” view where you can see all your recently closed opportunities in your personal dashboard.

Find an opportunity you want to get feedback for in your list and click on the “Get Feedback” link.

Request Feedback Opportunity

You will be presented with the contacts associated with the opportunity and the account.

Use the text search control at the top of the list of contacts to quickly find the contacts you’re looking for.

Select the each of the contacts you want to get feedback from. You can select as many contacts as you want to get feedback from, enabling you to get a true 360-degree view of the purchase decision.

Once you have finished selecting the contacts, click the “Submit” button. Congratulations! You are done. TruSales will handle the requests for feedback automatically and notify you by email when the submitted contacts provide feedback.

Requesting Feedback in Salesforce

If your organization has enabled requesting feedback in Salesforce, you will have a request feedback button you can click to quickly request feedback for opportunities that qualify, or they may also have the automation set to request feedback automatically based on certain triggers.

SF Lightning View
Salesforce Lightning
Salesforce Classic

Your organization’s program administrator sets the conditions that determine if an opportunity qualifies for feedback requests. In the Lightning version of Salesforce, when the opportunity qualifies, the request feedback button will be available in Salesforce based on how your Salesforce administrator has set it up.

Note: Your Salesforce admin has control over where the button appears on the opportunity layout and the button’s label, so your Salesforce environment will look different. If you have trouble finding the button, contact your program Administrator for help.

If your organization is set to have full automation to trigger feedback requests when you close an opportunity that qualifies or if partial automation is enabled, you click the request feedback button, this will open TruSales in a new browser and allow you to select the contacts you to get feedback from.

Select the appropriate contacts and click the “Submit” button to have TruSales begin requesting feedback on your behalf.

You can also add a contact if one is not already added in Salesforce.  This will also add it back to the opportunity in Salesforce.