Requesting Feedback - Primary Intelligence

Requesting Customer Feedback

Step 1:

Once connected to TruSales, the Get Feedback button in Salesforce will automatically become enabled for closed opportunities that qualify.

Clicking the Get Feedback button in Salesforce will open TruSales and allow you to select contact(s) to request feedback from.

Get Feedback Button

Step 2:

Please select the best customer contact that would be knowledgeable about the evaluation process and likely to participate in the survey. Note, you may select as many contacts as you wish.

Please make sure the contact’s information is accurate.

Step 3:

With the relationships that you’ve built with your Customers, they are most likely to respond to the survey request when the email comes from you. However, if you would like the email to come from the program owner, click on the arrow and select the name.

Step 4:

Once you have selected the contacts you want to ask for feedback, click the Submit button.