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Ask Your Buyers Why

Increase sales and reduce churn with solutions that capture the voice of your buyer and empower your decisions and actions.

Our Voice of the Buyer Solutions in Two Minutes

Win Loss Analysis, Churn Analysis and Customer Experience Analysis from Primary Intelligence will deliver actionable buyer and competitor insights that will enable better sales, marketing and product decisions.

Our solutions uncover blind spots and provide deep buyer and seller insights that help you win more and reduce customer churn. They will also take your competitor intelligence efforts to the next level, by providing actionable competitor insights uncovered from the conversations with your buyers.

Win Loss Analysis

Customer Experience Analysis

Our Clients See Dramatic Results

And we can demonstrate those dramatic results with real-world case studies and with current customer references. We urge you to do your homework. Many companies promise that they can do what we do, but can’t show actual results. They are betting they can… but they are betting with your money. Check out our testimonials and case studies below to see how we have helped companies just like yours.

“We had about a 20 percent win rate for our largest deals. This year we implemented Win Loss Analysis with Primary Intelligence, we finished the year with a 70 percent win rate.”

Vice President Business Development Compensation Management

Software Firm
“Primary Intelligence opened up our eyes beyond why we were just winning and losing. They really allowed us to hear our customers and see where to change.”

Vice President of Product Management

Enterprise Technology Firm
“We’re seeing changes happen in our ability to replace competitors. Without Primary Intelligence, we would have just been flying blind; stressing and hoping we were doing the right thing. Never have I seen a win loss system or relationship have such an immediate impact.”

Vice President Sales

Healthcare Technology
“Win Loss Analysis with Primary Intelligence is a critical program every CEO should be aware of. Our own CEO truly understands the value this service provides, and takes action on the intelligence.”

Market Intelligence Director

Learning Management Software Firm

Meet Primary Intelligence

We are unique in that we are the only company in our space that provides every customer with a dedicated and experienced team including a Primary Intelligence Partner, program consultant(s), analysts, program administrator, delivery coordinator, scheduler, and editors. Every member of your team is a full-time employee of Primary Intelligence and not a temporary contractor hired to scale. This is critical for program success, security and GDPR compliance.