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Doublecheck Research

Expertise & Methods

Years of Experience

In Win-Loss Analysis




500+ B2B Businesses Served

Experience running Win-Loss Analysis for over 500 customers in 30+ industries

Time-Tested Interview Guide

Gather more unbiased, aggregatable, scalable buyer feedback with the right questions and flow.

Expert-Conducted Interviews

Trusted interviews to help you get more, quality feedback.

Quantitative Foundation

Survey-first approach lays a strong foundation for interviewers to dive deeper and gather richer, relevant feedback. 

Qualitative Enhancement

Rich qualitative insights from interviews, written responses, and audio recordings – analyzed automatically

Win-Loss Analyst Team

Get additonal analysis backed by a team of Win-Loss experts.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Win more with the help of your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Discovery Sessions

Reveal the root causes of the decision drivers from your buyer feedback.

Win-Loss Formula Report

A custom report that uncovers your unique path to winning.

Fast Implementation

Get your win-loss program up and running in as soon as 1 business day and start seeing buyer feedback in real-time.

Customer Journey Optimization

See insights in one place from Win-Loss and Customer Churn Analysis to create better customer journeys.

Benchmark Data

Compare win rates against 20+ years of Win-Loss insights

Free Trial

Try out fully-automated Win-Loss and experience the impact – no pressure needed!


Dynamic, Intelligent Surveys

Automatically adjust questions based on responses, deal type, persona, etc. 

Integrated Phone and Online Interviews

Combine the analysis of buyer feedback from phone interviews and surveys for more qualitative and quantitative insights.

Automated Deal Submission

Gather feedback without interrupting your rep’s selling activities.

Automated Analysis

Analyze buyer feedback in real-time to uncover relevant insights.

Automated Personalization

Personalize questions and outreach based on CRM fields

Automated Feedback Coding

Buyer feedback is coded in real-time to allow summarization and aggregated analysis for both qualitative and quantitive feedback.

Live Interview Transcriptions

Easily read and reference live interviews – verbatim.

Interview and Survey Recordings

Hear the sentiment and raw voice of your buyers for each question.

Win-Loss Dashboards

Shareable, easy-to-digest dashboards to show analysis in different views.

Aggregation and Segmentation

See insights on an aggregate level or segment by product, sales rep, buyer type, etc to easily identify trends.

Buyer Profiles

See your buyer feedback in a complete profile.

Price Position Modules

Uncover how competitive pricing impacts purchase decisions and how you are priced against competitors.

Competitive Battlecards

Buyer-powered competitive intelligence to build rep confidence. 

Multiple Product Analysis

Easily analyze multiple products to uncover product-specific insights.

Rep-Level Dashboards

Empower reps and personalize sales coaching with their unique win-loss insights.

Video Summary Reports

Easily share #winsights with your other stakeholders.

CRM Integration

Receive and send deal data and see win-loss insights within your CRM automatically. 

GONG Integration

Automatically identify the key sales interactions that were the likely root causes of the decision drivers provided by the buyer.

Email Notifications

Stay connected with and socialize your win-loss program with email notifications.

TEAMS/Slack Notifications

Stay connected with and socialize your win-loss program with chat notifications.

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