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Plan Starter Premium Business Enterprise
Description All the basics to get you started. Good for smaller teams. Enhanced insights and CSR support. Deeper insights, diagnostic guidance, custom direction
Price Free $45 $60 Custom
    Per user/month
Min. of 5 users
Per user/month
Min. of 10 users
Automated Feedback Outreach Up to 20/month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Intelligent Survey(Supports 28 decision types) Standard Standard Semi-custom Custom
Voice-enabled SurveyAudio capture & transcript
Automated Insight Identification & Feedback Coding
MS Dynamics or Salesforce Integration
Automated Root Cause Discovery    
OutcomesWin rates over time and by deal size, industry, pursuit time and geography
PerformanceSales performance by rep, sales tenure and forecast accuracy
NominationsEasy identification of opportunities and contacts for in-depth interviews
Feedback ProfilesKey insights and verbatim transcripts
ReasonsOutcome reasons and experience drivers
ResponsesAnalyze buyer quantitative and qualitative feedback by question
Feedback NewsfeedSales reps and managers newsfeed of feedback and feedback requests
Account Feedback for SalesforceVerbatim buyer feedback with direct links back to TruVoice
Competitor Intelligence for SalesforceCompetitor strengths and weaknesses as identified by buyers
BattlecardsAutomated competitor battlecards created from buyer feedback  
Price PositionUnderstand price’s impact when you win and when you lose  
WorkspacePersonal workspace for advanced analysis of opportunities and accounts  
Sales ProfilePersonal dashboard for each sales rep of why they are winning and losing  
Sales Leader DashboardEnhanced sales coaching by sales rep and sales team    
WinnableWhy unwinnable losses were not winnable and how to win losses that were winnable    
Performance GapsCompetitor performance gaps by sales activities, solution criteria, and company attributes    
PipelineGrowth over time, projected sales, new starts, advancers, regressors and delayed      
ForecastWeekly, monthly, 60 and 90 day beginning and current forecasts and forecast accuracy over time      
Implementation Specialist
Dedicated Customer Success Manager    
Trend/Pattern Analysis & Reporting Presentation   1 per year 2 per year Unlimited
Professional, Recorded Follow-up Interviews      
Discovery Sessions      
Diagnostic Reporting      
Sales and Delivery Confidence      
Plan Starter Premium Business Enterprise
Price Free $45 $60 Custom
    Per user/month
Min. of 5 users
Per user/month
Min. of 10 users