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Episode 9 – Ending the Battle Between Sales and Marketing


Episode 9: Ending the Battle Between Sales and Marketing

Guest: Logan Mallory, VP of Marketing at Motivosity

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In some organizations, sales and marketing teams don’t play nicely together. When the end of the month approaches and numbers are in danger of falling short, fingers start pointing and blame starts shifting. Sales is frustrated with lead volume or quality. Marketing is frustrated by sales process or outreach. Neither team wants to take responsibility for missed targets. But, sales and marketing are always working towards the same goal – so why the animosity between them? In this episode, we’ll dive into why the battle between sales and marketing occurs and how leaders can eliminate this battle to create better alignment between teams. 

About Logan Mallory

Logan Mallory Headshot Logan Mallory is the Vice President of Marketing at Motivosity, a company that helps make people happier at work! Why did he choose to join Motivosity? Logan was a customer before an employee, and knew the product makes company cultures better right out of the box. (Not to mention the “thanksmatters” t-shirts!) He has held marketing leadership roles at LogMeIn, Jive Communications and Workfront and it’s his marketing dream to have one of his campaigns include a blimp. Logan is a BYU alumni, an adjunct professor at the Marriott School of Business and has ties to Michigan, Texas, Washington and Utah. His wife, four kids and poodle are all favorites.

About Motivosity

Motivosity is a modern employee engagement software with the mission to make people be happier at work. Our products are designed to attack the top three drivers for employee motivation and engagement: being recognized and appreciated for what you do, feeling connected to your manager, and having a strong sense of community in the workplace. With an average 96% user engagement rate, our software drives amazing results by making visible all the great work your team members are doing. This platform allows recognition between peers and managers, connect all employees to each other, builds the relationship between managers and employees, and provide actionable insights for company leadership. #thanksmatters and don’t you forget it! Take a closer look at www.motivosity.com 

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