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Episode 8 – Best Practices for Sales Enablement


Episode 8: Best Practices for Sales Enablement

Guest: Mark Kosoglow, VP of North American Sales at Outreach

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More than ever, sales reps must rely on data, analytics, and technology – rather than intuition and experience – to know how to win deals. This means that the way that sellers learn about and interact their prospects is changing. With about 80% of the buyer’s journey happening through digital channels – your sales reps only have a small percentage of time spent with your buyer to seal the deal. This means that your sellers must have the resources and information they need to create a buyer-centric sales experience. In this episode, we’ll dive into best practices for sales enablement that can help you empower your reps to win more.

About Mark Kosoglow

Mark Kosoglow Mark joined Outreach in 2014 as its first “employee” (he took the job as a 100% commissioned contractor) with a personal mission of helping more sales professionals win. He earned his B.A. in Marketing at Penn State and lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Julie, daughters Maqqel and Mia, and sons Sam and Emmanuel (Eman).

About Outreach

Outreach is the #1 sales engagement platform that helps companies significantly increase productivity and drive smarter, more insightful engagement with their customers.  More than 4,000 companies including Adobe, Tableau, Okta, Splunk, DocuSign, and SAP depend on Outreach’s enterprise-scale, customer-driven, and robust AI-powered innovation. Outreach is a privately held company based in Seattle, Washington. To learn more, please visit outreach.io.

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