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Episode 7 – The Digital Transformation of the Traditional Sales Process


Episode 7: The Digital Transformation of the Traditional Sales Process

Guest: Craig Daly, Chief Revenue Officer at Aktify

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It’s no secret. The traditional sales process is changing. Leaders are having to help reps adapt and find better ways to reach their prospects through technology, automation, and data and adjust their sales playbooks to increase win rates. In a world where the buyer’s journey is shifting to a digital-first experience, how do you ensure the sales experience fits into that digital environment while still providing that genuine human experience for your buyers? Join us as we explore the digital transformation of the sales traditional sales process.

About Craig Daly

Craig Daly Craig Daly leads the revenue organization within Aktify as Chief Revenue Officer. As an investor and original member of the leadership team, Daly is responsible for a large portion of the company’s recent growth. He has spent the past 15 years of his career leading sales teams and working directly with clients in the B2B space, all having a significant impact on the bottom lines of those organizations. Most recently he served as VP of Sales at messaging platform giant Podium, where he played a large role in turning it into an industry leader. He now brings those years of leadership experience to Aktify. Daly holds a bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University in Marketing.

About Aktify

Aktify is a conversational intelligence company. It solves the problem that sales teams often experience of not being able to scale because of bandwidth constraints or headcount limitations by using robust data science and machine learning to delight customers with thoughtful and dynamic conversations. By taking on leads through a CRM or MAP integration, Aktify creates millions of weekly conversations through SMS and phone calls, delivering a 10x ROI to clients. Sales teams no longer need to spend time calling and emailing leads to get a live conversation scheduled – Aktify’s got it covered.

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