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Episode 68: Using Customer Feedback to Develop your Messaging Strategy


If you truly want to increase your win rate, you have to get as close to your customers as possible. Your customers will tell you what it takes to win and keep their business, but without insight into what your customers truly care about, you can’t properly align your go-to-market strategy to their needs. Customer feedback can inform your entire GTM strategy—from campaigns to product roadmap development to pricing strategy—but today, we’re going to focus on one crucial aspect— your messaging strategy. And specifically, how your customer feedback can help you power your messaging strategy across the customer lifecycle.  

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About Ashley Litzenberger

Ashley Litzenberger is a product and segment marketer with over ten years of industry experience. She came to Lattice in 2021 as a product marketer and has gone on to build the company’s first segment marketing initiative and lead the team. Ashley is passionate about groundbreaking products that positively impact the world. She empowers marketing, sales, and product executives to identify pivotal opportunities, and equips revenue teams with the positioning and strategy to convert new prospects into product evangelists.