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Episode 66: Key Learnings from Sales to Sales Enablement


Sales enablement is a crucial function for any B2B organization, but on today’s show, we’re going to talk about something a little uncomfortable: The elephant in the room.  

The reality is, many people who work in sales enablement have never experienced front-line, quota-carrying selling!  

If you want to eliminate disconnect and align your enablement strategy to make more impact for your reps, you must first understand their world. We’ve heard the frustrations from sales enablement teams: “My reps don’t use the enablement I provide them!”. But we also hear the frustrations from sellers: “How can enablement tell me what to do when they’ve never even sold a deal?”. These are difficult waters to navigate.  

So today, we’re going to address this massive elephant that might be hanging out on your sales floor.  

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About Drake Lenhan

Over the past decade, Drake has held various sales and sales enablement positions in the B2B software space. He is currently the Global Director of Enablement Programs at Sitecore where he focuses on working cross-departmentally to lead orchestrated GTM efforts that drive results. He is passionate about sales as a profession and firmly believes the cornerstone of a thriving sales enablement operation is truly understanding your customer to best serve them, underscoring the invaluable contribution of having a sales background.