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Episode 60: Dissecting the Disconnect: Sales Enablement and Product Marketing


Go-to-market teams are made up of different functions, all working together – or at least they should be working together – to increase win rates and revenue. But, this is not always the case. In a time where you are fiercely competing for your buyer’s time, attention, and budget, you cannot afford to be disconnected within your go-to-market team. Today, we’re going to dissect the disconnect from the perspective of sales enablement to find out where these functions do and do not align, how you can identify misalignment, and how fix misalignment to create better experiences – both internally and for your buyers and customers.

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About Will Kimmel

Learning the ropes of “tech sales” didn’t happen overnight, but I have loved the challenge it has provided me and find the rush of closing new business equally as exhilarating as it was on day one. 

10+ years (and many start-ups) later, I still have that same passion for chasing the next win, but with an added twist, the urge to help bring others along with me.

Now, as a father, what drives me more than anything else, is the chance to build meaningful and lasting relationships that help produce incredibly fruitful success for all parties. 

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