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Sales Intelligence Weekly Podcast

Episode 58: Developing the Perfect Pitch


In a world where you’re always competing for your buyers’ and customers’ attention, you must create memorable messaging that quickly speaks to your audience in an impactful way. As sellers, we must make the most of the time we have with buyers, and understand what messaging, tactics, and value propositions are going to build trust during the buying process. Your pitch needs to be concise and consistent across the buyer’s journey. So how do you develop the perfect pitch? And how do you help your sales reps use your perfect pitch to win more?

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About Evan James

I am a passionate leader focused on entrepreneurship, emerging technology, SaaS, and B2B marketing. My specialties include CRM & Digital marketing, product marketing, field marketing, PR, and all forms of communication & demand generation strategy. I have extensive international experience, having held European, US domestic, and worldwide roles.

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