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Episode 54: Core Skills for Go-to-Market Teams


Go to market teams are comprised of people who have a kaleidoscope of skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences. This diversity of experience is part of what makes a business successful! It’s not uncommon for a marketer or a sales rep to have professional experience unrelated to marketing or selling. The career path of someone on a go-to-market team may be filled with twists and turnsbut along the way, they pick up something very important: transferable skills! As you lead your go-to-market teams, you must be able to identify these skills and help each team member develop them. In this episode, we will explore this concept of transferable skills. What are they? How do you recognize them? How do you develop them? And why do members of go-to-market teams need them?  

Asha Aravinsakshan

About Asha Aravindakshan

Asha Aravindakshan (@dcasha) is the author of Skills: The Common Denominator, which highlights true stories of transferable skills for career success. Previously, she streamlined business operations to maximize accountability, growth and strategic alignment for public and private stakeholders. She brings an entrepreneurial agility with an unwavering commitment to amplifying impact. Asha serves on the Board of Directors for MIT Sloan Club of New York, the Alumni Leadership Council for the Forté Foundation, and as a Venture Partner for Verve Ventures. She’s presented at conferences in the Americas and is the recipient of awards on digital transformation and future of work. Asha studied business at The George Washington University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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