Strategic vs Practical Product Marketing - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Sales Intelligence Weekly Podcast

Episode 52: Strategic vs. Tactical Product Marketing


Product marketing is a crucial function for go-to-market teams who want to win more. Product marketers are often tasked with positioning, product launches, win-loss analysis, and oftentimes, sales enablement! With so many things on your to do list, how do ensure your product marketing role doesn’t become 100% tactical? How can you as a product marketer move past the tactical, and become more strategic? And how does strategic product marketing impact your go-to-market strategy and organization as a whole?

Ike Nwabah Headshot

About Ike Nwabah

Ike is a product marketing leader with many years of experience working in and leading GTM teams. Most recently, he was the Senior Director of Marketing at Higher Logic and prior to that led marketing at Armor Cloud Security. Ike loves deeply understanding customers’ needs and aligning product values and messaging to meet those needs.