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Episode 49: Create alignment with storytelling frameworks


If you’re on a go-to-market team, you may already be using a specific framework to position your product. And if you aren’t you should be! Storytelling frameworks are powerful for improving positioning and creating an effective go-to-market strategy. But once you have a framework in place, how do you then use it to create alignment throughout your organization and, alignment with your buyers and customers?

Jeff Rezabek Ironscales

About Jeff Rezabek

Jeff Rezabek is an award-winning product marketing leader and content marketer with experience in developing and managing the content creation of high-performing product marketing, content marketing, and demand generation materials for startup and enterprise companies delivering software and services in the B2B technology (DevOps, Application Deployment Automation, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Computing, Software Testing, Cyber Security, and Infrastructure Automation) and healthcare SaaS (EHR and Practice Management) space.

About Ironscales

IRONSCALES is the leading cloud email security platform for the enterprise that uses machine learning and AI to stop advanced phishing attacks that bypass traditional security solutions. Its award-winning self-learning platform continuously detects and remediates advanced threats like Business Email Compromise (BEC), credential harvesting, Account Takeover (ATO) and more. As the most powerfully simple email security platform, IRONSCALES helps enterprises reduce risk, boost security team efficiency, and build a culture of cybersecurity awareness. IRONSCALES is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and is proud to support more than 10,000 customers globally.