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Episode 46: The State of Product Marketing


Product Marketing has become an essential function for B2B businesses who want to win more. If you want to create better go-to-market strategies and increase your sales win rate, having a product marketer on your team is key. But the definitions around product marketing can still be somewhat fluid depending on your organization. In 2020, the Product Marketing Alliance collected over 160 definitions for what a product marketer does. This role is evolving. It’s changing. So today, we’re going to dive into this. We’re going to explore the state of product marketing – past, present, and future. 

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About Sean Broderick

Sean has spent the last 15 years working in Product Marketing and Product Management roles in the B2B and B2C space. He began his career in Japan and has worked in Telecoms, Salesforce and Experience Management software companies. He is currently the Director of Product Marketing & GTM at Sitecore. He also has his own podcast Product Marketing AI and a lifestyle community and apparel brand Gym To Market. He is passionate about health, wellness and longevity and serves as a Board Member of the Oesphegeal Cancer Fund in Ireland.