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Episode 45: Product Marketing and Sales Alignment


Product marketing has become a crucial function for B2B revenue teams. Product marketers play a key role in understanding buyer needs and providing insights that help each sales rep improve their win rate and create better experiences for buyers. Product marketers are constantly researching, defining, and communicating the position of the product. But some organizations struggle to align product marketing and sales initiatives. The struggle to create a strong feedback loop is real! The struggle to inspire action or change is real! So, if you’re a product marketer, how do you take your learnings, your insights, your research, and use these things to create alignment with your sales and the rest of your organization? 

Alynn Beyder Director of Product Marketing Bombora

About Alynn Beyder

Alynn is currently the Head of Product Marketing at Bombora, the leader in B2B Intent data. She has 10+ years of experience in digital media and ad tech, focusing on go-to-market strategy, commercialization, strategic partnerships, and thought leadership. When not working, she volunteers her time at local animal shelters and serves as a Community Educator and Junior Board Member of the Illinois Chapter Alzheimer’s Association. She also enjoys traveling, attending live concerts and comedy, hiking, and creative writing.