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Episode 41: Nail Your Product Launch: A Framework for Winning


Launching a product is no easy feat. And aligning your marketing and sales initiatives when taking a new product to market can be even more challenging. When you launch a new product, you must consider the specifics of your market and build trust in the right places. In this episode, we’ll explore the framework for how to launch a product successfully with host, Ryan Cuellar, and  Warren Schirtzinger, Managing Partner at High Tech Strategies.

Product Launch Pyramid

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Warren Schirtzinger

About Warren Schirtzinger

The reasons I call myself “the luckiest business person alive”

My grandfather was a professor at Ohio State University along with Everett Rogers, so I learned all about “Diffusion of Innovations” and early adopters while growing up.

After working as a global product manager for Honeywell, I was hired by the most-famous consulting group in Silicon Valley (Regis McKenna Inc.) where I co-created the “chasm” concept. My marketing-chasm idea was later popularized in a book called “Crossing the Chasm.”

I have also commercialized some of the most significant technology and sustainability innovations of the last twenty years across multiple industries, in: solar power, professional education, venture capital, manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive.

I was in the right place at the right time and made significant contributions to leading high-tech companies during their formative years including: Apple, Adobe, Harman International, Intermec, Nikko Securities, Wheatstone, Carlisle Group, and Honeywell.

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