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Episode 40: Shorten the Sales Cycle, Accelerate Market Acceptance


In any business, it can be tough to create awareness and accelerate market acceptance when launching a new product (or promoting an existing one). You have to build trust in the right places, with the right message, and with the right people. It’s an uphill battle. But never fear, in this show we give you the strategies and tactics to improve your go-to-market. 
Explore the framework for how to accelerate market acceptance and shorten the sales cycle with host, Ryan Cuellar, and  Warren Schirtzinger, Managing Partner at High Tech Strategies.

Market Acceptance Pyramid

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Warren Schirtzinger

About Warren Schirtzinger

The reasons I call myself “the luckiest business person alive”

My grandfather was a professor at Ohio State University along with Everett Rogers, so I learned all about “Diffusion of Innovations” and early adopters while growing up.

After working as a global product manager for Honeywell, I was hired by the most-famous consulting group in Silicon Valley (Regis McKenna Inc.) where I co-created the “chasm” concept. My marketing-chasm idea was later popularized in a book called “Crossing the Chasm.”

I have also commercialized some of the most significant technology and sustainability innovations of the last twenty years across multiple industries, in: solar power, professional education, venture capital, manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive.

I was in the right place at the right time and made significant contributions to leading high-tech companies during their formative years including: Apple, Adobe, Harman International, Intermec, Nikko Securities, Wheatstone, Carlisle Group, and Honeywell.

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