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Episode 39: Creating a Successful Feedback Loop Between Sales and Product


Sales and product must work together to ensure your customer’s needs are met. But in most B2B organizations, a strong, consistent feedback loop between sales and product is non-existent. Your sales reps are on the front line, and they have unique insight into how your product is perceived by your buyers, what features and benefits are most important to a buyer when making a purchase decision, and how your product is expected to solve for evolving client needs. Product leaders must also communicate with sales on things like product roadmap and product updates so that sales can speak confidently about your solution, better differentiate against competitors, and demonstrate product value. So how can you create a successful feedback loop that empowers both sales and product? How can you align sales and product in a way that helps you better serve your buyers?  

Sam Anderson Headshot

About Sam Anderson

Sam is the Director of the Intuit Design System, and formerly led design systems at USAA (Reveille Design) and Cisco Webex (Momentum Design). He has designed for a diverse set of users including consumers, small business owners, system administrators, and developers, and has led design teams for more than 10 years. His design specialties are in interaction design and information architecture, receiving his master’s degree from Bentley University. Sam lives in San Antonio with his spouse and 3 boys. Outside of work he enjoys watching his kids compete in gymnastics, attending live theater and concerts, and is an In-N-Out aficionado.

About Intuit

Intuit serves more than 100 million customers worldwide with TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma and Mailchimp, to help put more money in consumers’ and small businesses’ pockets, saving them time by eliminating work, and ensuring they have confidence in every financial decision they make.

Design at Intuit

One of Intuit’s core values is Customer Obsession – Intuit has aggressively invested in user-centered design (experience design) and has scaled a process company-wide called “Design for Delight” where every employee at Intuit is trained on how to spot customer problems, understand them, and then design solutions that address those problems.

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