Better Customer Experiences with Win-Loss -

Sales Intelligence Weekly Podcast

Episode 38: Creating Better Customer Experiences with Win-Loss Analysis


The insights you receive from your Win-Loss Analysis can be carried throughout the entire customer lifecycle. In this episode, we talk through the customer journey together to uncover how you can apply your Win-Loss Analysis throughout your customer journey and the impact your insights have in each phase. Learn how to optimize your customer journey through Win-Loss Analysis.

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About Jonquille “Jonnie” Anderson

Jonnie Anderson is the Product Marketing Manager and writer and produce of The Sales Intelligence Weekly podcast at Primary Intelligence. As a former Director of Client Success, Jonnie has a passion for creating better buyer and customer experiences. 

Jonnie now oversees the marketing initiatives at Primary Intelligence and has a special love for sales, CX, and buyer enablement because of her days in customer success.

Jonnie was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, but moved to Utah to attend Southern Utah University, majoring in dance and broadcast journalism. She is a roller coaster enthusiast, loves the outdoors, and enjoys living in Utah where she can longboard, snowboard, and paddleboard frequently with her husband and two little girls.