Win-Loss Relevant to Sales - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Sales Intelligence Weekly Podcast

Episode 37: Sharing Win-Loss Insights with Sales


Win-Loss Analysis has a major impact on your front-line sales reps, but sharing win-loss insights with sales can be difficult. In this episode, we explore which insights are most relevant, how to create stories around the data, and best practices for sharing insights that matter with sales. 

About Nicole Andrews Peters

Nicole completed a Masters of Science in Strategic Communication in 2010 at Chapman University. Nicole spent the next six and a half years as the Director of Marketing and Business Development at FranklinCovey. During this time, she saw first-hand the importance of understanding your buyers and using data and analytics in your marketing and sales strategies. She joined the Primary Intelligence team in 2017 as a Program Consultant and now helps our customers better understand their insights as a Report Consultant.