How to Leverage Email to Win More - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

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Episode 33: How to Leverage Email to Win More


As B2B sales and marketers, we understand that a multi-channel approach is crucial to nurturing and capturing your prospects. But today, we’re going to explore one, time-tested channel, that is key to winning more opportunities – Email. There’s a method to creating impactful email strategies in sales and marketing. You can’t just send random emails and expect your prospects to move through the funnel. So today, we’re going to explore how you can leverage email to win more opportunities.  

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About Jeff Winters

While at a previous sales position, Sapper founder Jeff Winters implemented a unique email strategy that consistently landed him in Fortune 100 boardrooms. But every time he finished his pitch, these companies would grill him on his strategy: “Great product, but how the heck did you get this meeting? “In 2013, after hearing this a dozen-too-many times, he started Sapper Consulting. Since then, Jeff has led the business to become one of the fastest growing companies in St. Louis and was most recently featured in St. Louis Business Journal’s list of 40 under 40. He is a candid, thoughtful and dynamic leader. And he is just getting started.