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Episode 32: Enable and Educate Buyers - Win More!


The way buyers interact with sellers is changing! We’ve mentioned this before on the show. Gartner estimates that only 5% of the buyer’s journey is spent with the sales rep – leaving about 95% of that buyer’s journey for nurturing and buyer exploration. Buyers WANT more and more to self-educate when evaluating a new solution. In fact, a survey from DemandGen Report reported that 77% of B2B buyers did not talk with a sales rep until after they had performed independent research. So how do we adjust our go-to-market initiatives to match this changing buyer behavior? How do we provide the right information to the right buyers at the right time? And how do we educate and empower our buyers throughout the entire customer journey?

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About Peyton Walbeck

Peyton Walbeck has spent time in marketing departments ranging from funeral tech to outdoor retail to B2B SaaS. He has found a passion in building successful marketing and go-to-market strategies in Seed-stage and Series A startups. He currently heads the marketing department at Nectar, a Series A SaaS startup out of Orem, Utah. When not thinking about marketing, Peyton is often in the local mountain ranges trail running or spending time outside with his wife and their golden retriever.