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Episode 31: Counter Intuitive Strategies to Close Massive Deals


Enterprise selling. It’s a different beast. Enterprise sales reps face many challenges as they try to hit revenue goals. There are struggles around engaging with senior executives, crafting the right story, positioning your deal size, and building a relationship of trust so that you can expand your deals throughout the customer lifecycle. So how can enterprise sales reps combat these challenges? What strategies can be used to help enterprise sales reps close massive deals and grow those accounts?

Jamal Reimer

About Jamal Reimer

I write, coach and consult about how to find and close mega deals.

The backstory is that have been a career enterprise seller for over twenty years. I learned the art of closing mega deals – uncommonly large and complex enterprise agreements – in 2012 when I closed my first $50,000,000 deal at Oracle.

I went on to close two more in the following six years and in the process, found my professional passion.

My Mega Deal Secrets masterclass is the only coaching experience of its kind, attended by ambitious sellers from Salesforce, Oracle, VMware, Outreach, Cisco, Seismic, DocuSign, LucidChart, Dynatrace, Gartner, Teradata, Celonis and many more.

Mega Deal Secrets is my new book which tells the story of my first mega deal journey in detail and is now being read, shared and used as an advanced selling blueprint among tech sales teams from start ups to public companies.

Fast-growing scale ups engage me to upskill their enterprise sellers and to work with management to establish a mega deal selling framework which works with whatever selling methodology they currently adhere to (Command the Message, Corporate Visions, Miller Heiman, Sandler, etc.)

Get the book: megadealsecretsbook.com
Book a masterclass interview: https://calendly.com/megadealsecrets/30min
Discuss consulting or speaking engagements: [email protected]