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Episode 30: How Culture Impacts Sales Enablement


When you think of sales enablement, you may think of assets, pitch decks, battlecards, and other tangible pieces that sales reps can use to win more. But sales enablement goes beyond! Sales enablement includes the interpersonal interactions and relationships between reps, leadership, and other departments in your organization. Your company culture and the culture you build within your sales team should enable or empower your reps to win more. What we will explore today is how does organizational culture impact sales enablement and vice versa?  

Paul Bleier

About Paul Bleier

A TELUS team member for 10+ years, Paul is currently leading the the strategy, design and delivery of TELUS Sales Academy, a multi-year certified learning and career path strategy with the goal of establishing the best and most customer-focused sales force across all business segments through new sales on-boarding and enablement programs that focus on performance-based, progressive development for sales excellence. He works closely with sales leadership teams and key sales support stakeholders to pioneer agile approaches for adult learning design by championing innovative enablement programs and assistive technologies that are grounded in proven sales methodologies. His north star is to consistently empower sales and sales support teams, accelerate productivity and help differentiate each sales team to be globally recognized as a Premier Sales Organization.