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Episode 3 – Using Buyer Feedback to Make Strategic Decisions in Marketing


Episode 3: Using Buyer Feedback to Make Strategic Decisions in Marketing

Guest: Kristine Davis, Director, Marketing Intelligence & Analyst Relations, Beeline

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Your buyers will tell you what it takes to win their business. In this episode, we’ll dive into the ways that you can better leverage your buyer feedback as part of your marketing strategy. From competitive intelligence to sales enablement and beyond, we’ll explore the ways buyer feedback can help you make data-driven decisions for strategic direction.

About Kristine Davis

Kristine Davis Kristine is a member of Beeline’s award-winning marketing team where she focuses on new and improved ways to enhance competitive advantage and drive growth through strategic market insights. Believing in the power of stories, Kristine is passionate about learning from buyers and customers, and then turning those narratives into business intelligence that can be used to enable internal teams, enhance marketing messages and campaigns, strengthen customer relationships, and develop brand advocates. In her work at Beeline, Kristine has been recognized for leading Beeline’s win/loss, voice of the customer, and competitive intelligence programs as well as their client advisory board. Outside the office, she is a wife, mom, and lover of animals–especially a big goofy pitbull named Bane.

About Beeline

Beeline pioneered the world’s first extended workforce platform to solve the complexities of managing the modern workforce. With a data set encompassing more than 30 million workers and over $700 billion in talent spend spanning more than 20 years, its intelligence-driven platform transforms how businesses engage, manage, and optimize external talent across more than 120 countries. Enterprises benefit from our unmatched experience and innovation, deeply seasoned experts, and industry-leading partner network to connect them to the remarkable talent within the global extended workforce.

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