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Episode 29: Leverage Win-Loss Analysis in Go-to-Market – Win more!


B2B businesses often struggle to find the best ways to go-to-market. With evolving buyer preferences, new or emerging competitors, and changing economic climates, your go-to-market strategy must be more effective than ever! So how do you go about nailing your go-to-market strategy and gain a deep understanding of what your buyers truly care about? Well, your buyers will tell you how to go to market… you just have to know how to ask and how to listen! And Win-Loss Analysis can help you do just that! 

Carolyn Galvin

About Carolyn Klinger

Carolyn Klinger has spent her career focused on competitive intelligence, customer experience, and market research. She began her career in government intelligence, then worked in consulting and corporate roles running competitive and market intelligence teams. Carolyn has two masters degrees, one from Georgetown University and the other from the American Graduate School of International Studies (Thunderbird).