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Episode 27: The State of Sales Enablement


It’s no mystery – sales is a tough profession to be in. As we’ve talked about before on the show, the time sellers have with buyers is shrinking as the buyer’s journey shifts to a digital experience. Gartner predicts that sales reps only have 5-6% of the B2B buyer’s journey, and in this time they must understand how they can make the greatest impact on an opportunity outcome.  

This is part of why we do what we do at Primary Intelligence – to uncover the unbiased reasons for wins and losses for each rep. To enable them with buyer feedback that helps them sell better. 

But win-loss is one piece of the puzzle. So how can we enable our reps to build trust, differentiate, and – ultimately – increase wins?

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About Joe Ferrero

Joe Ferrero is the Vice President of Global Revenue and Sales Development at Seismic.