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Sales Intelligence Weekly Podcast

Episode 26: Reverse Lost Opportunities with the Voice of Your Customer


Losses to competitors hurt. Understanding how to differentiate from your competitors is key to winning more competitive opportunities. But what happens if a deal is already lost? Can you use competitive intelligence to reverse a lost opportunity outcome? Tune in and listen to one of our customers tell the story of how they turned a lost opportunity to a win by tapping into the voice of their customers. 

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About Rob Fandrich

Rob has been with SPS for almost 14 years and has been fortunate to work within numerous business units.  In addition to his Sales Engineering work, he also leads the Win/Loss program at SPS Commerce. Throughout his time on the Sales Engineering team – he’s had curiosity about how SE’s perform within different systems, different products, or even different industries.  For the past 5 years, Rob has been building out and growing the Win/Loss program and has expanded it from a very small pilot group to full automation for over 100 Account Executives.  Outside of work, Rob’s 3.5 year old son and almost 2-year-old twin girls keep him very busy!  If there is extra time you can find Rob on the golf course in the summer or on the curling rink in the winter.