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Episode 24: Cold Calling: From Reluctant to Confident


Cold calling – most reps dread it. And it makes sense! It’s uncomfortable talking to someone you don’t have a prior relationship with – especially when you’re ultimately trying to sell them something. And according to GONG, there’s a 1.48% chance of a positive outcome from a cold call. It feels like the odds
are stacked against sales reps when it comes to cold calling. But never fear. Cold calling doesn’t have to fill you with dread. Join us as we explore how each rep can improve those cold call outcomes with Jason Bay, Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting!

Jason Bay Headshot

About Jason Bay

Jason Bay is Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting. He’s on a mission to help reps and sales teams turn complete strangers into paying customers. A few of his clients have included reps and sales teams from companies like Zoom, CBRE, Medallia, Xfinity, Gong, and many more. Sales is the only “adult job” he’s ever had. And he’s done everything from selling house painting services door to door, running outbound call centers, to helping thousands of reps master cold outreach.