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Episode 23: How to Build a Winning Sales Culture


There has never been a better time to be a seller! There is more technology, information, and means of connecting with our prospects and customers than at any other point in history. At the same time, the complexity of selling is through the roof and the variety of pressures on salespeople, sales leaders and sales teams can be soul-crushing.  

What can sales leaders do to inoculate themselves and their teams against these pressures and complexities? What is one thing they can do to give themselves a competitive advantage in this complex and pressurized sales environment? Well, it turns out that the highest performing sales teams are also the ones that purposefully build and maintain winning cultures. 

Now, there’s almost nothing worse for a sales team than unchecked, rampant negativity. Negativity can be infectious, it causes innumerable problems for sales teams and it’s super easy for it to take root in your culture.  

As sales leaders, we can directly impact and ultimately reverse the effects of negativity on our sales floors. We have the power to create and foster a winning sales culture within our team. 

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