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Sales Intelligence Weekly Podcast

Episode 22: How Sales Experience Impacts Opportunity Outcomes


A buyer’s experience with a sales rep can make or break a deal. In a recent study, we found that 36% of losing vendors could’ve won the deal by making a change during the evaluation process. Most often, buyers attributed the loss to something in the sales experience – even above price or product feature! But when you ask a sales rep, they’ll likely attribute most losses to something beyond their control – like price, missing product feature, or timing. The experience your sales rep creates with the buyer is crucial!  

So how can you empower your reps to create the right experiences for your buyers? How can you help them build trust, differentiate from competitors, and really demonstrate value throughout the sales process?  

Kevin Dorsey Headshot

About Kevin Dorsey

Kevin Dorsey believes in focusing on the “person” in “salesperson”.

As he’s grown as a leader Kevin has a better understanding of what truly drives behavior, motivation, and long term success. If we can make better people, the sales will follow.

Kevin loves scaling sales teams. He has built teams from 0-150+ reps, revenues from 0-100M+ ARR (and counting). Kevin believes in processes and systems, paired with skill development, as the code to success.

Kevin also loves to share what he has learned, and what he is learning with others. Kevin consults all sorts of different companies and people as they look to improve their results. He mentors and consults early, mid, and late-stage SaaS companies all across the world. Sharing his playbooks and processes for scaling sales teams successfully.

He has spoken at the top conferences across the country, mentor/coach start up’s across the country, and loves sharing as he goes.

If there is a book on sales, psychology or influence, Kevin has probably read it. Kevin is a voracious learner and is constantly pushing myself and my team to reach new heights of achievement. Because of his own internal desire to learn and grow, that also gets translated out to his team with non-stop growth, coaching and training.