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Sales Intelligence Weekly Podcast

Episode 20: Building a Champion Sales Team in an Age of Digital Selling


B2B sales teams have experienced a shift in the past few years. We’ve all felt it. The pandemic has caused many sales teams to transition into a remote or hybrid work environment. As sales leaders, it can be tough to hire, onboard, and coach when you don’t have that daily in-person time with your new reps on the sales floor. So how can you identify top talent and skills quickly when building your team? And how can you empower your new reps to start winning as soon as possible? 

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About Arpit Choudhary

Arpit Choudhary a leader in sales development with over 14 years of sales experience with an MBA and engineering background. Appy has built and led teams of AEs / ISRs / SDRs, achieved individual revenue quotas, managed regional sales, and developed go-to-market strategies.