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Sales Intelligence Weekly Podcast

Episode 19: Building Personal Connections Throughout the Sales Cycle


Personal connection – We all want it. We all need it. But as the buyer’s journey shifts to a digital experience, it can be tough to build personal connections with prospects during the sales cycle. Yes, sales reps MUST lean into data and analytics to understand how to win more – but layering in a personable approach to sales in crucial to building customer relationships. So how do we do this? How do we build those strong connections with prospects? 

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About Ben Zoldan

“It’s the authentic human connections we create with anyone in our lives that make everything we do more meaningful, from leadership, to coaching, to problem solving, to parenting, to teaching, and so on. We live in a world of transactions, but when connections become the focus, everything in the world is better. Everything flows from that.” – Ben Zoldan


Ben is the co-founder of Storyleaders, and the author of What Great Salespeople Do.  Ben’s work is focused on getting to the heart of what it means to lead, to influence, and simply, to effect change in the world.  Ben is making a difference in the company cultures of, Tableau, McKesson, HPE, Aetna, and countless others including many non-profits.