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Episode 18: Prepare Your Sales Reps for Any Meeting - Win More!


Sales confidence. Some reps have it. Some reps don’t. Some reps fake it. BUT all reps NEED it. As sales leaders, we must empower our reps to help them build confidence when selling. When a sales rep shows up ill-prepared for a meeting with a prospect, it shows. Reps must be able to confidently tell the right story, speak confidently to competitive claims, and build trust in order to win more. So how can we prepare our reps to show up to every meeting with confidence? 

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About Paul Whited

Paul Whited is a service operations director who loves to drive business results and give back to the community. Since 2019, he’s had the privilege to work for Canada’s only national not-for-profit insurance company. His passion has been to create better business results and a strong work culture through the development of teams and systems. In his current role his team has been able to improve annual operating efficiency by 8.5%, while delivery industry-leading Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of ~40, and team employee engagement of 95%. All of these efforts support our national social impact initiatives, helping Canadians live healthier lives.