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Episode 17: Using the Voice of your Customer to Repair B2B Misalignment


In most B2B organizations, the struggle to create alignment throughout your customer-centric departments is real. We see it all the time. Sales and marketing may get misaligned on process or messaging. Product may be developing features that don’t actually solve for a customer’s need. CX may be delivering something different than what a customer was sold. Executives may be creating strategies and goals without real insight into your competitive position. Misalignment can occur everywhere. 

And when you don’t create alignment throughout your organization, you can struggle to hit revenue goals, fail to solve customer needs, and slow business growth. 

But, what if you could tap into the voice of your customer to get irrefutable insight into your market? Could this help to create alignment within your organization? 

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About Sophie Pagalday

Sophie Pagalday started her product marketing journey in B2B technology 12 years ago when she “accidentally” became a certified product manager. Since then, she’s spent her time building product marketing functions and super-star teams from the ground up across a variety of markets including market research, fintech, and supply chain. Today, Sophie works for Locus Robotics bridging the gap between robots and humans and enabling customers to embrace the workforce of the future. Sophie is an advocate for the voice of the customer and believes the only way for a company to succeed is by building trust, collaboration, and alignment across all functions. When not working, Sophie enjoys traveling the world and spending time with her husband and two daughters. 

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