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Episode 14: How to Increase Sales Coaching ROI


As sales leaders, we’re always trying to empower our reps. When they win as individuals, you win as an organization! But for B2B businesses, the time your reps spend with buyers is shrinking. We’ve mentioned this on previous episodes – As the B2B buyer’s journey shifts to a digital experience, it’s estimated that your rep’s only get 5% of that buyer’s journey. And in that shortened window of time, they’re still expected to build trust, differentiate from competitors, and demonstrate value to close deals at the same rate. This puts an increased pressure and responsibility on sales leaders and coaches to understand where reps are struggling and where to focus coaching efforts to make an impact, build sales rep confidence, and increase win rates.

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About Steve Richard

Steve Richard is the founder of ExecVision & Vorsight (sold in 2021).  Steve’s mission and life’s work is to help as many sales teams as possible become wildly successful.  He has been featured in numerous publications including The Harvard Business ReviewThe Washington Business Journal, and The Washington Post.  Outside of work, Steve enjoys scuba diving, skiing, running, and watching lots of football.  He lives in Arlington, VA with his wife Ellen and their four kids ages 6, 8, 10, and 12.


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