Episode 12: Work Together, Decrease Churn: Sales and Customer Experience - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

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Episode 12: Work Together, Decrease Churn: Sales and Customer Experience


We’ve heard it time and time again – it’s more expensive to get a customer than to keep a customer! The struggle to decrease churn and grow account revenue is an uphill battle for most B2B organizations. A recent study shows that 30% of SaaS companies reported a rise in churn rates in the past year. But what’s the root cause of this? Why are customers not renewing? And how can sales and customer experience work together to decrease churn and grow account revenue?

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About Steve Frame

Steve Frame is a 25 year Sales & SDR Leader & Performance Coaching veteran. He is the founder of Strategic Revenue Partners and focuses on helping individuals in all types of businesses to build the specific mental skills necessary to perform at higher levels. This includes revenue acceleration coming from SDR recruiting & development and sales performance coaching, and lastly weekly skill development by building standards for lead gen & performance and using a standard playbook for everything. Steve has held various sales and customer success leadership roles and has developed successful methods to enable sales and customer success teams. Steve is a father, husband, and business owner who is focused on saving and changing lives by working with veterans, cancer victims, and survivor families. His favorite coaching engagement recently was working with the YPREP program at the Utah State Women’s Prison and coaching women on how to improve performance once they are paroled.