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Guest: Sophie Pagalday, Director of Product Marketing, Locus Robotics

In most B2B organizations, the struggle to create alignment throughout your customer-centric departments is real. We see it all the time. Sales and marketing may get misaligned on process or messaging. Product may be developing features that don’t actually solve for a customer’s need. CX may be delivering something different than what a customer was sold. Executives may be creating strategies and goals without real insight into your competitive position. Misalignment can occur everywhere. 

And when you don’t create alignment throughout your organization, you can struggle to hit revenue goals, fail to solve customer needs, and slow business growth. 

Guest: Matt Dixon, Ph.D., Co-Author of The Challenger Sale and Founding Partner, DCM Insights

As salespeople, we must build trust with our customers. Whether we’re prospecting, conducting discovery calls, or deep into pitching to the buying committee, building trust is a vital piece to increasing win rates. But, building trust can be a struggle for sales reps and this directly impacts their pipeline and close rates.  As the buyer’s journey shifts to a digital experience, sales reps are having to find new ways to build trust with prospects. So how can reps build those strong customer relationships throughout the sales process?

As salespeople, we must build trust with our customers. Whether we’re prospecting, conducting discovery calls, or deep into pitching to the buying committee, building trust is a vital piece to increasing win rates. But, building trust can be a struggle for sales reps and this directly impacts their pipeline and close rates.  As the buyer’s journey shifts to a digital experience, sales reps are having to find new ways to build trust with prospects. So how can reps build those strong customer relationships throughout the sales process?

Guest: Steve Richard, Founder, ExecVision

As sales leaders, we’re always trying to empower our reps. When they win as individuals, you win as an organization! But for B2B businesses, the time your reps spend with buyers is shrinking. We’ve mentioned this on previous episodes – As the B2B buyer’s journey shifts to a digital experience, it’s estimated that your rep’s only get 5% of that buyer’s journey. And in that shortened window of time, they’re still expected to build trust, differentiate from competitors, and demonstrate value to close deals at the same rate. This puts an increased pressure and responsibility on sales leaders and coaches to understand where reps are struggling and where to focus coaching efforts to make an impact, build sales rep confidence, and increase win rates.

Guest: Denis Champagne, President at Lotus Communications​

C-Level executives are key players in the buying committee for a B2B purchase decision. However, it can be hard to compete for an executive’s time and attention as a sales rep. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Sales leaders can help their reps capture the attention of C-level executives, better demonstrate value, build trust, and differentiate from competitors – and ultimately, help your solution stand out in a sea of vendors. There’s an art and method to prospecting in the C-Suite.

Guest: Steve Frame, Founder, Strategic Revenue Partners

We’ve heard it time and time again – it’s more expensive to get a customer than to keep a customer! The struggle to decrease churn and grow account revenue is an uphill battle for most B2B organizations. A recent study shows that 30% of SaaS companies reported a rise in churn rates in the past year. But what’s the root cause of this? Why are customers not renewing? And how can sales and customer experience work together to decrease churn and grow account revenue?

Guest: Sam Anderson, Director of Design Systems, Intuit

Sales and product must work together to ensure your customer’s needs are met. But in most B2B organizations, a strong, consistent feedback loop between sales and product is non-existent. Your sales reps are on the front line, and they have unique insight into how your product is perceived by your buyers, what features and benefits are most important to a buyer when making a purchase decision, and how your product is expected to solve for evolving client needs. Product leaders must also communicate with sales on things like product roadmap and product updates so that sales can speak confidently about your solution, better differentiate against competitors, and demonstrate product value. So how can you create a successful feedback loop that empowers both sales and product? How can you align sales and product in a way that helps you better serve your buyers?  

Guest: Patrick Leddin, Ph.D., Leddin Group

Since the beginning of 2020, we’ve seen the shift that sales teams have experienced as more companies implement a work-from-home environment. Sales teams have had to adjust and learn to function on a virtual sales floor. Sales leaders have had to find better ways to communicate, coach and receive coaching, and continually discover better ways to build trust and camaraderie between employees. Join us as we discuss the things you can do as a sales leader to create a successful virtual team environment.

Guest: Logan Mallory, VP of Marketing at Motivosity

In some organizations, sales and marketing teams don’t play nicely together. When the end of the month approaches and numbers are in danger of falling short, fingers start pointing and blame starts shifting. Sales is frustrated with lead volume or quality. Marketing is frustrated by sales process or outreach. Neither team wants to take responsibility for missed targets. But, sales and marketing are always working towards the same goal – so why the animosity between them? In this episode, we’ll dive into why the battle between sales and marketing occurs and how leaders can eliminate this battle to create better alignment between teams. 

Guest: Mark Kosoglow, VP of North American Sales at Outreach

More than ever, sales reps must rely on data, analytics, and technology – rather than intuition and experience – to know how to win deals. This means that the way that sellers learn about and interact their prospects is changing. With about 80% of the buyer’s journey happening through digital channels – your sales reps only have a small percentage of time spent with your buyer to seal the deal. This means that your sellers must have the resources and information they need to create a buyer-centric sales experience. In this episode, we’ll dive into best practices for sales enablement that can help you empower your reps to win more.

Guest: Craig Daily, Chief Revenue Officer, Aktify

It’s no secret. The traditional sales process is changing. Leaders are having to help reps adapt and find better ways to reach their prospects through technology, automation, and data and adjust their sales playbooks to increase win rates. In a world where the buyer’s journey is shifting to a digital-first experience, how do you ensure the sales experience fits into that digital environment while still providing that genuine human experience for your buyers? Join us as we explore the digital transformation of the sales traditional sales process.


Guest: Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner, ValueSelling Associates

Sales coaching methods impact your win rates. In this episode, we’ll dive into coaching strategies that you can use to help your reps succeed, how coaching has evolved during the pandemic, and how you can determine what is and isn’t effective when it comes to your coaching methods.

Guest: Aurelia Solomon, Director of Product Marketing, Drift

The buyer journey is changing. Now, more than ever, it’s important to create a digital experience that prepares your buyer before an interaction with sales. In this episode, we’ll explore ideas around guiding the digital buyer through personalization, how you can use conversational intelligence to create better opportunities, and how this digital guidance impacts the sales experience.

Guest: Steven Bryerton, SVP & Head of Sales, ZoomInfo

Your contact database is full of insights that can help you win more deals. In this episode, we’ll explore how you can leverage your contact data to optimize your sales experience, create better opportunities for your reps, and increase win rates.

Guest: Kristine Davis, Director, Marketing Intelligence & Analyst Relations, Beeline

Your buyers will tell you what it takes to win their business. In this episode, we’ll dive into the ways that you can better leverage your buyer feedback as part of your marketing strategy. From competitive intelligence to sales enablement and beyond, we’ll explore the ways buyer feedback can help you make data-driven decisions for strategic direction.

Guest: Jarod Greene, VP of Product and Customer Marketing, Highspot

What causes biases in a win loss program? In this episode, we’ll explore the reasons biases appear within win loss analysis, what common biases to look for, and how to eliminate those biases in your win loss program to discover why your reps are really winning and losing.

Guest: Dan Dawson, Senior Partner – Chief Sales Officer, Force Management

Sales intelligence matters. In this episode, we discuss the current state of sales experience, how it’s evolved over the years, and what we foresee sales intelligence to look like in the future. We’ll explore why sales intelligence is so important to the success of your business and steps you can take to improve it.

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Ryan Cuellar, Chief Delivery Officer, drives all facets of data acquisition and insight creation that our customers love. Relying on his extensive leadership, consulting, and presenting experience spanning multiple markets and industries, Ryan helps to contextualize the data to answer peoples burning questions.

Prior to joining Primary Intelligence Ryan served as Sr. Consultant and Healthcare Client Partner for FranklinCovey, Ryan served as Sr Consultant and Client Partner for Red Tree Leadership, where he had the privilege of working with a variety of clients, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.  

Ryan has a rich history of notable accomplishments. In the years prior to Red Tree, he served as Partner at Visual Marketing Group, where he was responsible for the successful execution of key initiatives in product development, business development and workflow through-put . To add to his accomplishments, as CEO of U.S. National Finance Ryan grew the organization from a local to regional presence opening new markets in the mountain west and pacific north-west.

Ryan has consulted in a wide variety of industries from banking, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, government and the TV and film industry, and has helped numerous organizations get their employees engaged and aligned to their strategy, including organizations like the US Marines, GM, Microsoft, Agilent Technologies, HCA, Kawasaki, L3 and LinkedIn.  

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Jonnie Anderson started her career in content, researching and compiling live events in US metro areas to be displayed on online calendars for various publications. It’s here where she developed the personal mantra “experiences are greater than things”, which she applies throughout her life and work.

Her role shifted to customer success and sales where she performed live demos and supported customers to align solutions and business needs. She became the Director of Client Success at SpinGo in 2017 and oversaw all customer-centric initiatives for the company.

However, she always had an interest in marketing, so she left her position as Director of Client Success to pursue a marketing-focused path. From there, she became a marketing consultant and helped customers better utilize social listening within their marketing campaigns. She then moved on to a position in email marketing and marketing operations. 

Jonnie now oversees the marketing initiatives at Primary Intelligence and has a special love for sales enablement because of her days in sales and customer success. 

Jonnie was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, but moved to Utah to attend Southern Utah University, majoring in dance and broadcast journalism. She is a roller coaster enthusiast, loves the outdoors, and enjoys living in Utah where she can longboard, snowboard, and paddleboard frequently with her husband and two little girls. 

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