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The Sales Intelligence Weekly podcast covers topics focused on helping sales and marketing leaders improve sales experience, increase win rates, and elevate sales enablement


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Episode 3: Using Buyer Feedback to Make Strategic Decisions in Marketing

Guest: Kristine Davis, Director, Marketing Intelligence & Analyst Relations, Beeline

Your buyers will tell you what it takes to win their business. In this episode, we’ll dive into the ways that you can better leverage your buyer feedback as part of your marketing strategy. From competitive intelligence to sales enablement and beyond, we’ll explore the ways buyer feedback can help you make data-driven decisions for strategic direction.

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Episode 2: Eliminating Bias in your Intelligence Program

Guest: Jarod Greene, VP of Product and Customer Marketing, Highspot

What causes biases in a win loss program? In this episode, we’ll explore the reasons biases appear within win loss analysis, what common biases to look for, and how to eliminate those biases in your win loss program to discover why your reps are really winning and losing.

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Episode 1: The State of Sales Intelligence

Guest: Dan Dawson, Senior Partner – Chief Sales Officer, Force Management

Sales experience matters. In this episode, we discuss the current state of sales experience, how it’s evolved over the years, and what we foresee sales experience to look like in the future. We’ll explore why sales experience is so important to the success of your business and steps you can take to improve it.

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