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Personalizing Feedback Request Emails

When you request feedback from one or more contacts in TruSales, you will be presented with the outreach plan for those contacts where you review when each request for feedback will be emailed and review the content of each of the requests.

Click on the “this email” link to review the content of the email, edit the content and/or rescheduling when the email will be sent.

Clicking the “Reschedule” button will allow you to set a new send date for the email.

You can review and edit the content of the email message in the main body of the view.

Click the “Save” button to save any changes you make.

NOTE: The links in the email are unique for that contact. You don’t want to edit the links or click on them if you are personalizing the email.

You can also access and personalize the next email that will be sent by clicking on the send date for the email in the TruSales Feedback view.