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Speaker Spotlight:

Penny Queller

Senior Vice President and General Manager for Monster

Leveraging Win Loss & No Decision Analysis session

As a powerful thought leader and relentless innovator, Penny leads Monster’s Staffing business unit and brings more than 20 years’ experience in all facets of talent acquisition technology and solutions.

Her progressive perspectives in talent management ensures HR and talent leaders represent a strategic role in driving organizational success regionally, globally and deliver true competitive advantage.

Penny is passionate about issues such as supporting women in the workforce, promoting diversity and inclusion, and corporate social responsibility and was recently recognized by HRO Today – Superstar Award.

She is often quoted in business publications and speaks frequently as a Subject Matter Expert on recruitment trends and solutions at various industry events.

Listen to Penny’s Thought Leadership on Win Loss and No Decision Analysis

Penny will be speaking at our session “Leveraging Win Loss & No Decision Analysis” on Thursday, September 14. She’ll talk about developments that helped her teams improve win rates.

Penny uses win loss analysis to keep the pulse of her buyers and target markets. Armed with this information, her teams can pivot to any competitive and market changes. This is a proactive process instead of reactive one and keeps the team from getting blindsided by the competition or numb to market needs.

Mike Brose, our VP of Sales, will co-present with Penny, and they’ll share insights on how win loss and no decision analysis can generate 10-100 times ROI when applied correctly.

He shared, “I am thrilled to co-present with Penny and hear how she leverages voice of the buyer programs and makes great process improvements at Monster.

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