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Outcomes 2017 will be filled with helpful information and valuable networking opportunities. Collaborate and generate innovative ideas with other sales, marketing, and product management professionals.

This conference is an intensive and intimate opportunity to connect with business leaders and listen to their strategies.

Speaker Spotlight:

Jarod Greene

Vice President of Product Marketing for Cherwell Software

Uncovering Weak Spots and Barriers to Success session

Jarod Greene is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Cherwell Software.

A recent Primary Intelligence customer, Jarod worked closely with Sales Enablement and Product Management to shorten sales cycles, increase average deal size, and improve win rates.

He attributes much of this success to the work performed with Primary Intelligence.

His primary application of win loss analysis has been within messaging and position, sales training, and product development prioritization and validation.

Jarod shared, “I’m excited to meet other B2B sales and marketing leaders to share ideas and best practices. Win loss has exposed me to methods and approaches that extract insight from evaluators that I otherwise would not have gathered. 

Listen to Jarod Speak about Cherwell’s Results at Outcomes 2017

Jarod will be speaking at our session “Uncovering Weak Spots and Barriers to Success” on Friday, September 15. He’ll share how he uncovered a deeper level of understanding as to why the sales team worked the way they did.

Mackenzie Wilson, our Director of Sales, will co-present with Jarod.

She shared, “Jarod is not only an experienced product marketing professional and executive, but his passion for relating to client needs and focusing an organizations goals with those of the market is second to none. His energetic, articulate, and powerful attitude is compelling, exciting, and motivating.

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