Outcomes 2017 conference focuses forward in this year’s collaborative presentations and workshops.

Our conference is bringing together seasoned experts in sales, marketing, and product management to discuss current issues facing business professionals.

This year’s program features presentations from executives who will offer their unique perspectives and approaches to win loss and customer experience analysis.

Speaker Spotlight:

Debbi Tillman

Director of Program Management for Mitchell International

Implementing an Effective Customer Success Strategy session

Debbi has built a career around passion for the customer experience and began using the Customer Experience Survey in 2017.

Her concentration on the customer began over a decade ago leading insights and internal operational metrics programs for Starbucks Coffee Company.

She is especially interested in building holistic programs that marry insights with brand, culture, operational excellence programs and innovation.

Debbi is looking forward to collaborating with other conference attendees and experts at this year’s Outcomes conference.

She shared, “Our program has pushed us as an organization to deepen our customer relationships and focus.

Listen to Debbi’s Successful Strategies for Customer Experience at Outcomes 2017

Debbi and Mitchell are creating a holistic operational model to capture the core components of the Customer Experience.

She will be speaking at our session “Implementing an Effective Customer Success Strategy” on Thursday, September 14.

Debbi will share her deep understanding of NPS, client interviews, and the ecosystem needed to support a customer experience initiative in organizations large and small. She said, “As we begin planning for 2018, the conference will be a catalyst for further digging into current our program and ideating about what is possible for the coming year.

Lance Davis, our VP, Business Development, will co-present with Debbi. They’ll discuss why it’s time to think differently about your customer success strategy.

He shared, “With her leadership Debbi has helped complete a successful Customer Experience pilot with her organization and is now implementing and leading our Customer Experience program at Mitchell International.

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