Are you ready to get on the fast track to discovering insights and achieving results with win loss and customer experience programs?

Outcomes 2017 conference is just 8 weeks away.

We are excited to feature our clients as speakers at Outcomes 2017.

These speakers will be sharing best practices and insights on how they use Win Loss and Customer Experience analysis to close sales deals, accelerate revenue, and achieve customer success. They’ll be showing you the best ways to reach measurable business outcomes.

Speaker Spotlight:

David Huskisson

Director of Competitive and Market Intelligence for Veritas

Be Outcomes Based; Achieving Business Results session

David leads Competitive Intelligence at Veritas and has is very passionate about how win / loss initiatives can uncover compelling competitive intelligence insights.

He is delighted to share his insights at Outcomes 2017 and looks forward to learning best practices from other attendees.

David shared, “To date, win loss analysis has increased my visibility within Veritas and allowed me to build relationships with other groups within the company which I may not have had the opportunity to do so.

Learn More About David’s Experience with Win Loss Analysis

David is the competitive intelligence leader of a successful CI unit. He has lead his group to embracing the competitive intelligence aspects of win/loss, leveraging them in a variety of ways. In particular, he has embraced the CI that can be garnered from the win loss interview reports and from Discovery Sessions.

David has spent many, many hours landing and expanding the win loss program across all his organizations’ product lines, hours on Discovery Sessions, and time in executive meetings homing in on what needs to be done to solve the reasons why they are losing while leveraging their strengths. RoxAnne Loosle, his program consultant, described David as professional, smart, and a pleasure to work with.

Hear David’s Best Practices at Outcomes 2017

David will be speaking at our session “Be Outcomes Based; Achieving Business Results” on Thursday, September 14.

RoxAnne will co-present with David, and they’ll discuss the initiatives and actions David has implemented at Veritas with a focus on competitive intelligence and David’s experience with win loss.

She shared, “David previously led the win/loss effort at his organization and came into our relationship with that experience under his belt. Working with someone that understands the value as well as the challenges of running a successful win loss program means that he has a lot of experience to leverage. If I were new to win/loss and looking to build a successful program, I would want to corner David and not let him go!”

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