Chances are, you’ve been invited to attend many conferences this year. And with good reason. Conferences are an extraordinary tool, with numerous benefits for attendees.

See, amazing things tend to happen when like-minded individuals come together to focus on something of importance. It’s why you can find countless gatherings, dedicated to just about anything.

So, with all the conference options available, why is Primary Intelligence Outcomes 2017 the one you should attend?

Outcomes 2017 Conference for Win Loss and Customer Experience Pros

September 13-15, 2017, Grand Summit Hotel, Park City, Utah

Here are the top three reasons why Outcomes 2017 is the ideal conference for Win Loss and Customer Experience professionals:

1. LEARN the Ins & Outs

We’ve all seen the most basic buyer/customer feedback projects get derailed by any number of complications. It’s understandable since the research process has countless moving parts with multiple layers of development, collection, analysis, and reporting.

And let’s be honest, win loss and customer experience analysis are by no means, basic projects.

“What an awesome opportunity to learn from your peers about what works well and what doesn’t work well. That was fantastic.”—Customer & Market Insights Leader & Outcomes 2016 Attendee

Outcomes 2017 is an event solely focused on ensuring your success with win loss and customer experience programs. You’ll learn all the nitty gritty details to implement a program which delivers your objectives (e.g., competitive intelligence, process/product improvement, or increased revenue).

Industry experts and seasoned researchers will lay it all on the table; the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s an immersive learning experience exploring the nuts and bolts of executing a program.

2. CONNECT with Your Peers

Conference calls, webinars, and virtual meetings are the way of business today. However, there’s no substitution for meeting people face-to-face.

Especially, if those people happen to be fellow win loss and customer experience analysis professionals.

“Really enjoyed being able to meet everyone in person and have spontaneous conversations.”—Product Marketing Manager & Outcomes 2016 Attendee

Outcomes 2017 provides you with exclusive access to a community tasked with making the most out of win loss and customer experience initiatives. You’ll connect with newbies and veterans alike to share experiences, discuss common challenges, and glean one-of-a-kind advice.

Our agenda revolves strictly around individuals who have achieved the results you value most. You’re guaranteed to get real-life examples that you can discuss with your peers down in the trenches.

3. GROW Your Skills

Sitting in the same chair in the same office can lead to a stale perspective. (Ever heard of hot-desking?) The normal hum drum can keep you from fresh thinking and new ideas. Sometimes, you need to take a break from the “work” of your job to sharpen your skills.

“I truly enjoyed the information sharing from a collaborative effort to find the best practices leading the industries.”—Client Management & Outcomes 2016 Attendee

Outcomes 2017 is an investment in yourself, your career, and your organization. You’ll gain confidence in your ability to interpret data, cut through the clutter and deliver results. Hands-on-sessions will increase your technical know-how while Q&A forums help you discover how to diagnose sales, marketing, product, and operational challenges.

You’ll return with the solution to your crucial problem and be armed with tools for overcoming any obstacle.

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